Our Donors

15th Judicial Circuit

Lee, Carroll and Ogle County Donors

People we cannot do without.


CASA 15th Judicial Circuit is grateful for the individuals,

organizations, corporations and foundations who have generously

supported our child advocacy program.  The impact of your

dollars will continue to allow us to case manage, train and

educate community volunteers to speak in court

for those most vulnerable in our society…children.

We have made every attempt to ensure

that all names and giving levels are correct.

If you notice any omissions or inaccuracies,

please bring them to our attention by calling the

CASA office at 815-288-1901.

We express our gratitude to those who desire to

remain anonymous and to those who offer other types

of assistance to the 15th Judicial Circuit-Lee/Carroll/Ogle County

CASA Program throughout the year.


« No one stands so tall as when they stoop to help a child. » ~ Abraham Lincoln



Allied Locke Industries

BF Shaw Printing

Linda Brantley

Barbara Smith Brierton

James Brown

Warren & Angela Cannell

Walter Clevenger

Catherine Cluts

Tom & Marilyn Coffey

James Collins

Debra Crowson

Debra Deets

Richard & Kristi DeMoss

Roberta Dillon

Nancy Dittmar

James Dixon

Dixon & Giesen Law Offices

Michael Downey

Larry & Aneda Ebert

M. Joyce Erb

John Exner

James Fallon

Donna Fellows

Dan Fish

Sheldon Frank

Audrey Graham

James & Margaret Green

Robert Griffiths

Gary & Eileen Guffey

Carol Gugerty

Betty Harms

Roxy Hey

Martin & Linda Hill

Richard & Judy Holtam

John & Mary Holthaus

Don & Adah Horner

Thomas Hoye

Nicole Hoyle

Fern Irwin

Ronald Jacobson

John & Patricia Joyce

Keith & Kathleen Kauffmann

KSB Hospital

Roger & Jane Landreth

Sally Leemon

Robert Leslie

David & Kathryn Lundquist

Wendy Major

Michael & Pat Mallon

Trevis Mayfield

Anita Medlock

Paul Mellen

Phillip & Nancy Metka

Milledgeville Elevator

Billy & Jo Anne Mills

Alvin & Joanne Montavon

Martin & Lynn Montavon

Sylvia Montavon

Thomas Muldowney

Diane Micholson

Marguerite Nye

Ed & Diane Olds

John & Janet Payne

Steven Pfieffer

Betty Raymer

Randall Renne

Lynn Rice

Dr. Edward Rick

Ed & Kathleen Rick

Joseph Rock

Paul Roe

Martha Rolf

Jim & Sharon Schultz

Robert Sensenig

Kathy Shaw

Thomas Sherman

Marilyn Shippert

Smith, Hahn, Morrow & Floski

William & Barbara Sparboe

State Farm Insurance

Jeanie Sullivan

Lyle Sykora

Sharon U. Thompson

Robert & Marge Traum

Duane & Judy Truckenbrod

James & Judith Valenti

Darryl & LInda Vandervort

Carolyn VanDoren

Richard & Nancy Veith

Louis & Marilyn Venier

Tim & Vikki Wadsworth

Rosalind Brown Wakem

Norma Willis

Nancy Woodside


Tom & Marilyn Coffey

Deb Crowson

Larry & Aneda Ebert

Martin & Doris Ebert

Randall & Sandra Ebert

Charles & Susan Kerr

Marguerite Nye

Joseph & Dona Popp

Betty Raymer

Steven Roberty & Kelly Reagan-Robery

Jeanie Sullivan

Duane & Judy Truckenbrod