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CASA Advocate Duties and Responsibilities

1.  Complete an Intensive Independent Investigation of the Case

  • interview the child and all relevant parties to the case
  • review appropriate records and reports -DCFS, schools, medical records, etc.
  • participate in case conferences and meetings concerning the child
  • observe the child and significant others in the case

2.  Report Findings to the Court

  • provide a written report to the Court containing factual and concise information
  • provide the Court with statements as to what is in the child's "best interests"; research/investigate available placement alternatives for the child including, but not limited to relatives and foster care.
  • if appropriate, submit supplemental written reports to the Court concerning changes in circumstances, recommendations for modifications in disposition, or compliance with the court orders

3.  Insure Representation of the Child's Best Interests

  • attend all Court proceedings to see that all relevant and current facts are presented
  • attend appropriate interagency meetings and staffings regarding the child
  • continually monitor the case to insure that all court orders and agency recommendations are complied with
  • attend ACR (Administrative Case Review),IEP's (Individual Education Plan), and any other meetings regarding the child
  • maintain consistent contact with the child, family, or others (as ordered by the Court) to monitor progress
  • maintain accurate and complete case notes documenting advocate interviews, phone calls, meetings, etc.

4.  Attend Training as Required by CASA Program Staff

  • attend initial 40-hour training curriculum
  • observe two (2) juvenile court hearings prior to case assignment
  • acquire 12 hours of annual continuing advocate education  (inservice meetings, etc.)

5.  Consult with CASA Program Staff

  • -review the case plan and set goals for advocacy work with Advocate Supervisor and/or Trainer-Recruiter
  • discuss preliminary findings of investigation with Advocate Supervisor and/or Trainer-Recruiter
  • maintain ongoing discussions and consultations with Advocate Supervisor to review progress in case
  • consult with Advocate Supervisor to review all court reports, correspondence and miscellaneous reports related to case

6.  Submit Volunteer Information Monthly

  • maintain documentation of case contact hours,time spent in court, seeing the child, etc., as well as mileage/long distance phone calls (for reimbursement)
  • provide monthly compiled stats to Advocate Supervisor in a timely